Eloi & Biel is one of the first gay short films that I wrote about on here. ‘Thank You…’ is by the same director, Noel Alejandro, and it’s, once more, totally hot.

‘Thank You…’

What I love about Noel’s films is that it’s not just a series of gay scenes. It’s very nicely shot, so that you get attached to the characters and you’re drawn to their story, as simple as it may be. So, in the end, it’s just a beautiful, arousing encounter, between two people, who happen to be men. That’s where porn becomes more than porn. It’s cinema.

The two actors, Vince and Damian, are not professional performers. They just do it sometimes for art or, I’m guessing, for friends. I should know, I’m whoring all my friends out and corrupting them all into my porn… hehe…

Anyway, the film was shot in Berlin, hence the grey weather. You can watch more of Alejandro’s fims on his page, , where you can also watch the nsfw trailer…

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