These three erotic short films are brought to us by Tsurufoto, the photographical observations of artist Aaron Tsuru. The trilogy is a slow motion exploration of the female body that will leave you all sweaty.

Part III – Don’t Ever Leave Me

This is the third and last piece – also my favorite – of the slow mo trilogy, starring Stevie Macaroni. I love how you can shoot really awesome films with an iPhone. I think it gives a much needed spontaneity to the scenes. I also love the contrasted black and white and the images that play with the water. Approved!

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Tsurufoto walks the line

 uses pretty much all formats to celebrate the beautiful and the weird, from short films to his  and photography. He’s self taught and I relate a lot to the DIY spirit. Walking the line between art and porn, he brings us pretty girls in pretty films. Shame there aren’t more men in them!


Check out the other two parts of the series.

Part II – If You Let Me Be There Again

Starring Sylvia Midori.

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Part I – Kashi with Dahlia

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