Miss Macaroni by Stop[gap] or the importance of self-play

When I talk to girl friends of mine, I’m always surprised to hear that some of them never masturbate. “I have a boyfriend” or “oh no, that’s weird” are the excuses that often come back. However, I do believe that self exploration and masturbation are essential to figure out what your body and mind dig in bed.

Miss Macaroni

To illustrate this, I’ve selected this video by , a Photographer from Nashville. The model, , is wandering the curves of her own body, allowing us not only to admire her natural beauty in full but to be inspired by her self-confidence and sexual aura.

What do you think?

from on .

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  1. Carlos

    January 23, 2015 1:32 am

    All the stop(gap) videos are fucking amazing..

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