How to be hairy and happy [pics & gifs]

I admit it, for a long, long time, I was so self-conscious about my body and the idea of going out without being perfectly shaved was unacceptable. I had all these ideas in my head about what I should look like and what others wanted me to be like. But with the years and experience – and a lot of masturbation – I began to feel more comfortable with my body and to know myself better.

We spend so much time grooming…

trimming, shaving, waxing, depilating…

It’s hard! And it hurts!

Summer is coming and hibernation is coming to an end. Many of us will get the razors out and start preparing their “bikini body”. It’s not an easy task… It hurts, it grows back, it itches, it’s expensive… Sometimes, there’s even blood. True story.

We do crazy things!

Remember that HIMYM episode? I probably would have done the same thing as Robin…

himym robin shaving legs

Be confident

If you don’t want to go through all this trouble, it’s ok, just be confident. There’s nothing wrong with a full bush

hairy bush

Guys don’t always like what we think they like

We have many expectations as to what is sexy and what is not, what men like in women and what they enjoy in sex. These expectations are often biased by the images we constantly see in the media, but remember, some people like fat girls, some like skinny girls, hairy, short, tall, tanned…

Everybody has different tastes

It’s hard not to pressure ourselves with the fake standards that we are fed everyday, but it’s important to remember that you should be the way you are first.

So, do what YOU like

If, like me, you’re horrified by the idea of applying burning wax on your genitalia – crazy, right? – then be yourself.

What about the sex?

Trust me, if you’re both horny, nobody will care about the hair. The sex is always better when you’re confident and you feel great in your mind and body.


And the men?

Men, too, have started to shave their privates but I guess they don’t have this pressure upon themselves. Men don’t have to worry about it, because men are “supposed” to be hairy… while women are, somehow, expected to make their natural hair completely disappear.

hairy man

A hairy bush is a happy bush

…if that’s how you like it!

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