Uncensored comments. That is a scary thought and it doesn’t lead to predict any respectful insight into Internet society, but let’s check it out anyway. This amazing short film by shows male objectification in a whole new light in this new production of ‘ Define Beauty.

Define Beauty – Internet comments uncensored

Everybody knows about Internet trolls. If you’re on Youtube, it’s become a self-preservation habit not to read the comments below your video or you might be stricken by a concentrate of patriarchal stupidity. Especially if you’re a woman.

Schuller merged footage of dancer with hot guys reading the comments that litter her social media channels. Trolls obviously hide behind their screens, so it’s a very powerful image to watch men say these horrible things out loud.

There’s a contrast between the beauty of Remy Fox shaking her gorgeous ass and the misogyny coming out from sexist men all over the world. What comes out is not even expressions of dislike but actually violent comments that prove rape culture is alive and well. It brings us back to the old conundrum: if you enjoy your sexuality, you’re a whore. If you don’t, you’re a prude. I realize that many, MANY women spend their lives trying to find the right balance between these two images. They want to be sexy, but not too much. We’re all walking on a very thin line, until we realize that nobody can actually tell us what to do or how to be.

Dumb hoe

I’ll fuck the shit out of her

Your kid would be proud of you, whore

I wanna fuck her then leave her just to prove a point


If you’ve seen my latest scene, you know I like classical music. Merging it with strong content allows to amplify the intensity of the images and, in this case, the voices. It perfectly captures the sexist dynamic in our society while allowing us to contemplate the sight of the beautiful Fox, who dances freely.

There’s also an interesting aspect around the guys in the video. They’re young, they’re hot. We tend to think that trolls are socially awkward society’s rejects, but it’s not actually true. It can be anyone! I’ve already met plenty of guys who seem great at first and who then show their ugly, misogynistic faces. It’s not about appearances, it’s about a global mindset that affects everybody.

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