Blow My Mind – My new dream scene with Amarna Miller

The moment when you put a project together is very special. My new film Blow My Mind is the result of a crazy idea I had and it’s now with great pleasure that I present it to you, my dear pervs!

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Blow My Mind : Amarna Miller + Pablo Ferrari

See, I was in touch with the gorgeous rising star of the new generation of porn, . She’s one of these people that I am delighted to work with. She’s feisty, clever, gorgeous, loving her body and filled with good vibes.

I wanted to shoot something special with her, so I put up this crazy dream sequence, in which she dives into her subconscious. I asked her who she’d like to shoot her scene with, and she confessed that she had been wanting to work with , an actor from Barcelona, for years! A few days and plane tickets bought later, it was set up.

They both came to Berlin and we shot this film very naturally and fluidly. They had an incredible chemistry together and it was super fun to shoot crazy scenes like Amarna dancing with my childhood Teddy Bear, jumping up and down the bed or taking instant photos of Pablo masturbating…

Into the deep corners of Raquel’s subconscious

Ok, let me fill you on the story before you have time to think wtf.

Raquel is working at home on a Friday afternoon. A client calls her blows away her chance at having a chilled week end. She falls asleep as a picture she sees online triggers her imagination.

If you could do anything, what would you do?

We then dive into her subconscious, following her brain into deep corners of her mind. We follow her wild exploration, witnessing bizarre scenes and observing the manifestation of her synapses putting fantasies together. She focuses on Adrián, whom she’s been wanting to fuck for a while. In her head, all the desires come true. She sucks him, mounts him, lets him pleasure her in every way she wants.

The goal was to dive into the vividness of wet dreams and show how intense the sexual mind is. With this I also wanted to show that women do have as intense a sexuality as men and it’s high time they start exploring themselves and taking control over their sexuality.

Watch the full film here

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  1. July 4, 2015 5:24 pm

    […] pas ?). Décidément, le film porte bien son nom. Allez donc jeter un petit coup d’œil au trailer et pour voir le film, rendez-vous sur Lucie Makes […]

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