Hi everybody, let me introduce you to Sandy Springer, an old friend of mine who’s got quite the vivid imagination, much like yours truly. Now, I’m as straight as they come, but Sandy likes to dabble in both pools, so I thought it would be interesting to know what she thinks, as a bisexual creature, are the differences between seduction and sex with a man and with a woman.

Meet Sandy!

Hey guys, I’m Sandy Springer! I’m a French girl who likes to explore sex and love, with a tendency toward hedonism. I’m also bisexual and I try to experience as much as this crazy world has to offer. Here’s what I love about being intimate with both genders.


1. Approach

I’ve always been attracted to women, as far as my memories go. The first special thing about women, is their mystery and their “hard to get” approach style. So, when they play hard to get, and believe me they do, things tend to get complicated. Well, I love that. This is part of their charm.

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2. Sex

I’m really fond of women genitals. I love the fine lines, the little hood that is more or less hiding the clitoris. This is a real invitation to discover it, to press it gently and to lick it. This really does get me going. And this brings me to the next point.
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3. The screaming and the moaning

It is just orgasmic for me to hear women’s sounds of pleasure, whenever they treat themselves, or when they’re being cuddled or stroked. It’s usually very sensual, it inspires delicacy and sometimes even fierceness. The more the moaning gets high, the more I also get off.

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4. The gentle touch and soft skin

Women generally have that soft skin, those smooth lips, those little sensitive hands that I love to admire and feel all over me. I love feminine woman, and I prefer them with long hair. So, when we are kissing, hair fall in the neck, sweep our faces, and we let our fingertips get lost in them.

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5. Complicity

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Whether we’re having a twosome or a threesome, there is a sort of gender complicity at work. The fact we have the same pair of sexual chromosomes allows us to put ourselves in each other’s shoes. We know what and how to stroke, with the vigilance that comes along. I just love those kinky smiles saying “I know on what button to push to make you lose your head”, there is something irresistible about it.


1. Approach

Compared to women, seducing and pushing a man to the next level is a holiday at the beach. Everyone likes to lay back sometimes. Nothing complicated, generally to the point, we don’t waste time over details. Although sometimes, the balance regarding that matter needs adjustment.
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2 The strength

The firm grip that takes you by the hips, grabs your shoulders, makes you turn, lift you up to bring you to the bed…
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3. When they get wild

The part, during sex, where a guy loses control and unleash the wild animal is really exciting. You can feel that they are going to come and thrust you faster and faster. Oh yeah! Give it to me baby!
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4. Men’s ass

Grabbing a firm man’s ass is a gift. Especially whilst missionary, when you feel those muscles flexing and unflexing beneath your fingers. Grrrr
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5. Imagination

I am under the impression that men have a bigger imagination when it comes to sex. Before, during, and after. They are really visual, and they like to develop scenarios. They are generally more into sex texting, exchanging sexy pics, imagining in advance what they want to do to you, are really interested in what kind of underwear you are wearing… I love how men fantasize over women’s body, and how the visual turns them on.

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Any bisexuals in the audience? Do you feel the same as I do?


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