The world needs more mainstream movies with explicit sex! That’s a fact. Cheesy porn is one way to go, but there are so many more ways to show sex, intimacy, fun and love. All About Anna is a film that I really love, because it avoids clichés of mainstream porn and shows an independent woman enjoying real sex.

All About Anna and her sexual adventures

Released in 2005, the film follows Anna, a young woman who wants to pursue her career and stay away from serious relationships. She likes to have fun, no strings attached. She moves into a new apartment and finds a fun and flamboyant tenant, Camilla, who shares her views on love and sex. Despite the fact that she’s had a boyfriend for not too long, Anna finds herself drawn to her ex, who broke her heart five years before. Maybe a trip to Paris to work as a costume maker will end her troubles?

Main actors are , and .

Here’s a selection of sex scenes from the film, but you should really watch it in HD, it’s available on LustCinema!

Real life, Real sex.

What I love about this film is that it’s so natural! It follows what many women want, being free to do what they want, with whom they want… It’s recognizing the sexuality of women and their desire to enjoy sex without the pressure of modern puritanism and slut shaming. It’s fun, it’s hot, it’s different. It’s exactly what porn needs and what feminist porn is achieving little by little.

By the makers of modern porn

The film was directed by Jessica Nilsson, a Swedish director based in Denmark. Her film All About Anna won three Scandinavian Adult Awards, including Best Scandinavian Couples Film. The movie was also produced by Zentropa Productions, a Danish film company founded by no other than Lars von Trier and Peter Aalbæk Jensen. Beside creating the , the two friends and producers also decided to help create hardcore pornographic films for women, such as Constance, Pink Prison and later, All About Anna.

all about anna

all about anna

all about anna

all about anna


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