My toes are not the only thing that’s getting cold… The heater is on and my scarf and horrible winter coat are my daily companions. So, how not to yield to the temptation of hibernating and waiting for a sweeter day? Since I’m an overly generous person, here’s a little selection of sexy gifs that will definitely warm you up for this season, or at least, this week end…

In Barcelona, guys sell you beer on the street, and go around saying “sexy beer, my dear”. It reminded me of myself, going around the Internet and providing strangers with sexy material. So…

Sexy gifs, my dear?

Go on

I’m interested

That’s it

I can feel my toes again

and all my extremities

up to my cheeks

these cheeks too

oh yeah

I’m hot as hell now

don’t need no clothes

nor underwear

that sounds promising

very promising…

cold shower, anyone?

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